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1st EP

The Brutalist School is the project consists of the Brooklyn, NY duo; turntablist/producer Hsi-Chang Lin (ex-dälek) and vocalist Xander Duell (ex-Inouk, Ambulance Ltd.) disregard conventional genres as they make music for films that don’t exist; exploring a sound world made up of equal parts Merzbow, Massive Attack, Philip Glass and Scott Walker. Eerie and soothing, […]

Our 1st Three Cassette Releases Will Be Available on Cassette Store Day 2013

Well, actually we’re going to put all these releases on tapes with or without Cassette Store Day. For those who accuse us glorifying novelty item in new millennium can save their breath and their anti-hipster rants for the next man. Tapes are the only option for us to release albums in short-run since we can […]